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Better Innovation

Jun 11, 2023

Decentralized systems are evolving at a dizzying pace. How are these systems solving real-world problems today? What is a DAO and how may this new form of business organization disrupt the status quo? How can we ensure new Web3 regulatory frameworks protect citizens without stifling innovation? On this latest episode of EY Better Innovation, Jeff Saviano explores these questions with Kevin Werbach, professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

As former Counsel for New Technology Policy at the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, and a frequent author on emerging technologies, Kevin is deeply engaged in matters of Web3 policies and governance. He is a pioneer in emerging fields such as gamification (applying digital game design principles to business), algorithmic accountability, and blockchain.

Kevin has published four books, including The Blockchain and the New Architecture of Trust, For the Win: The Power of Gamification and Game Thinking in Business, Education, Government, and Social Impact, and After the Digital Tornado: Networks, Algorithms, Humanity. His work and scholarship are shaping the future of technology systems, as they’re poised to better address important societal and business problems.