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Better Innovation

Mar 5, 2020

We’ve all heard of the so-called “sin taxes” on items like cigarettes and soda. When these harmful products become more expensive, consumption naturally decreases. What if we tried the same approach with fossil fuel consumption producing carbon emissions? 


This special throwback episode features Jeff’s 2016 TEDx talk that was the impetus for Better Innovation, focused on citizen activism and the impact of a carbon tax in British Columbia. The province adopted a carbon tax that cut fossil fuel consumption by 16% without stifling economic growth — and since revenues were given back to the people by cutting other taxes, it enjoyed public support. In 2019, the carbon tax was extended throughout Canada.


While partisan gridlock may hinder a national carbon tax in the U.S., Jeff argues we could adopt it at the state level using ballot initiatives; and, perhaps extend this idea across the globe! Tune in to see how we can leverage taxes as a powerful tool for social change.