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Better Innovation

Apr 30, 2018

Steve Blank, retired serial entrepreneur turned educator, arrived in Silicon Valley at the beginning of the business boom in 1978 and never left. He kept creating one startup after another. The lessons learned from the successes and failures of those startups led him to develop his lean startup theory, which has...

Apr 30, 2018

Our conversation with Steve Blank, retired serial entrepreneur and one of the Godfathers of Silicon Valley, was so rich and compelling that we decided to try something new and split it into two separate episodes. Be sure to listen to both Better Innovation episodes for the full Lean Startup experience.

Apr 16, 2018

Former President Barack Obama was one of the most science and technology oriented presidents, and took a personal interest in the work around Artificial Intelligence, according to Terah Lyons, former policy adviser to the U.S. Chief Technology Officer in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP)....