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Better Innovation

Oct 17, 2019

“What’s the relationship between AI and leadership?” This week, we bring you Part 2 of Jeff’s conversation with Dr. Tommy Weir: self-described leadership nerd, Founder and CEO of enAIble and author of Leadership Dubai Style: The Habits to Achieve Remarkable Success
How do you measure productivity? Do you judge your workforce/team as a whole? Is it based on intuition or, worse, hearsay? Tommy’s company, enAIble, is using AI to measure productivity for leadership on an individual level, reading not just how an employee’s time is being used, but how consistent they are with their time and—most importantly—how their work performance affects their colleagues. It’s giving CEOs insights into their organizations that they’ve never had before—adding objectivity to a historically subjective problem.
Join us for Part 2 of this very special look into the bleeding-edge of AI application and how leadership can be transformed by better, smarter, clearer use of data.