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Better Innovation

Oct 3, 2019

“What’s the relationship between AI and leadership?” This week, Jeff is joined by Dr. Tommy Weir, self-described leadership nerd, Founder and CEO of enAIble and author of Leadership Dubai Style: The Habits to Achieve Remarkable Success. An ardent skeptic just a few years ago, Dr. Weir walks through his journey from learning to understanding leadership, to learning to understand AI to learning how AI can enhance great leaders.

 How many leaders have you had in your life? How many do you remember? In Part 1 of our interview, Dr. Weir breaks down what it is in leaders that motivates or inspires us, and how that can inform who we are and how we work. He also takes us into his first look at AI a few years ago and the exciting applications that inspired his current career path.

 Join us for Part 1 before we dig deeper into AI applications for leadership in Part 2.