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Better Innovation

May 1, 2023

Today’s guest exemplifies what it truly means to ethically harness data and technology to transform the most vulnerable nations in the world. Yolanda Jinxin Ma, Head of Digital Policy and Global Partnerships at the United Nations Development Programme, joins Jeff on today’s show to address digital transformation in the UN’s international development. 

Yolanda leads the development and implementation of the UNDP’s digital strategy. She advises on multi-disciplinary initiatives in numerous countries. This includes public sector digital transformation, innovative financing for sustainable development, digital public goods proliferation, and cross-sector public-private partnerships. Yolanda has such a unique perspective on today’s digital, social, political, and economic landscape. Listen-in as Jeff and Yolanda explore what it means to transform societies in an era of digital division and rapid technological change, and how nations can overcome the challenges that accompany such important work.