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Better Innovation

Jul 17, 2023

For several decades, data protection has captured our full attention, but have we failed to protect people in its pursuit? Live from our Better Innovation Boston studio, EY’s Jeff Saviano sits down with Elizabeth Renieris, Senior Research Associate at the Institute for Ethics in AI at Oxford University, who explores this topic in her new book, Beyond Data: Reclaiming Human Rights at the Dawn of the Metaverse. Elizabeth’s captivating book calls for an entirely different data framework centered on the protection of human rights.

A leading authority on digital identity, cross-border data protection / privacy laws, and innovative technologies such as blockchain and AI, Elizabeth argues that laws focused on data protection, data privacy, data security and data ownership have unintentionally failed to protect core human values, including personal privacy. Jeff probes this topic with Elizabeth, while also addressing technology governance, common data misconceptions, and her proposition for a new human rights-based approach to data.