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Better Innovation

Sep 12, 2019

On this mini-sode teaser, Jeff reveals our theme for the show in Season 3 . . . Artificial Intelligence. AI has been a central topic on the show over the first two seasons with quite a few guests discussing new AI capabilities and where the technology is headed. But now, in this cultural and business environment dominated by AI, it’s the perfect opportunity to dive deep into how AI will shape our personal and professional lives.


We’re looking for your help! Everyone has a question about AI and how it can be used to improve our personal lives – and society in general; we want to hear your best ideas. Whether it’s about AI infused into business technology or consumer AI applications, #AskJeff on Twitter @JeffreySaviano. We’ll be using your thoughts and questions as inspiration for our episodes this season, and your question just might get featured on the show!


Come get excited with us for a new season of Better Innovation.