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Better Innovation

Jun 13, 2019

Oh the places you’ll go! Oh the places you’ll go! 

Over the course of two seasons of the Better Innovation podcast, Jeff has had the privilege of interviewing some of the brightest innovation minds in our world today. As season two winds down, we bring to you a compilation of some of the best advice that our guests have given over the past episodes. Think of it as our version of a commencement speech. 

You’ll hear amazing insights from Andy Card, Kate Barton, David Becker, Dr. Lucy Marcil, José María Lucia Moreno, Nicole Sahin, Dr. Patti Fletcher, Tucker Marion and Sebastian Fixson.

As always, thank you for listening, subscribing and being part of this incredible journey with us. It is our privilege to bring these stories of innovation to you. We hope that you are as inspired as we are by our amazing guests. 

See you in September!

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