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Better Innovation

May 1, 2019

Is an AI winter coming? In this episode, Jeff is joined by Nigel Duffy, EY Global Artificial Intelligence leader, to talk about the state of AI technology today and how we can better prepare for its future.

Over the last few decades, hype around AI has swelled and deflated as our imagination has been sparked by the idea that we’re inching closer to machines imitating human intelligence – we call this ‘general AI’. But, not only is the idea of general AI a world away, it perhaps shouldn’t even be the goal. As deeper capabilities around machine perception and machine learning emerge, we’re already seeing transformative possibilities of AI helping human professionals sort through data, discover patterns and standardize repetitive tasks. Jeff and Nigel also discuss the impact of government regulation on AI development.

Join us for a very special perspective on the application of artificial intelligence to business, from one of the field’s brightest minds.

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