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Better Innovation

Sep 28, 2020

Our third season of Better Innovation was like no other. COVID-19 caused us to refocus our strategy; we took our own advice and had a series of ‘innovation pivots’ along the way. This led to a season filled with diverse topics - from artificial intelligence, to technical convergence, and ultimately a deep dive into what it means to innovate during a crisis.

In this wrap-up episode, Jeff recaps a season of thought-provoking interviews from a truly memorable group of guests. We introduce emerging trends - such as, advanced technology governance, proliferation of private / public partnerships, and sharing data through new cooperative and trust models. In early March, we paused our artificial intelligence theme, and focused the remainder of the season on COVID-19 and Crisis Innovation. We had fascinating interviews with leaders who are innovating for the next phase of this crisis and beyond; those change-agents who are making it a safer and prosperous world for all of us. To close out the episode – and the season - Jeff distills his three key insights from this season to help you along your own unique innovation journey.

As always, thank you for listening to our show! We can’t wait to share the new ideas we’ve been cooking up for season four. Until then, please take good care everyone.